Beguiling Vietnamese Seductress

Mistress Ada Vu is a roleplay specialist focusing in seductive domination. Using her intoxicating physical presence she bends men to her will, forcing them to worship her and endure the trials she has devised to test their devotion. As a flirty schoolgirl or business-clad secretary, she loves turning the tables on a man who foolishly believes himself to be in a position of power over her. A broad smile crosses her face at the moment she sees that he too realizes who was in control all along. As a diabolical medical professional or authoritarian Mistress, there will be no illusions from the start who wields the power in the relationship.

Mistress Vu only rarely resorts to harsh language- her skill lies in teasing and enticing, carefully manipulating men down the path she has laid out for them. She represents the classic honey pot trap, a beautiful, seductive women who step by step makes her target totally beholden to her will.

  • Ethnicity: Vietnamese
  • Languages: English (no accent), Vietnamese
  • Height: 5'1"
  • Shoe Size: 5.5

A Glance At Me